Vitamin and micromineral supplement for all horses to complete the daily feed ration with minerals and vitamins. Combine with hard feed or Trikem Minerals for a complete feed ration. Vitamins and minerals are vital for a thriving horse. The need of vitamins and minerals increases with workload and gestation.
Technical description:
Analytical constituents:
Crude protein 26,8%
Crude oil-fat 7,8%
Crude fiber 5,3%
Crude ash 14,8%
Calcium 14 000 mg/kg
Sodium 3000 mg/kg
Phosporus 8400 mg/kg
Additives per kg/per 30 ml
Vitamin A 3a672a 925000 IU/18500 IU
Vitamin D 3a671 200000 IU/4000 IU
Vitamin E 3a700 30000 mg/600 mg
Vitamin K3 3a710 1250 mg/25 mg
Thiamin (B1) 3a821 2750 mg/55 mg
Riboflavin (B2) 600 mg/12 mg
Pyridoxin (B6) 3a831 600 mg/12 mg
Cyanokobalamin (B12) 5,5 mg/0,11 mg
Vitamin C 3a300 5500 mg/110 mg
Niacinamide 3a315 2750 mg/55 mg
Biotin B7 3a880 37 mg/740 mcg
Calcium-D pantothenate 3a841 650 mg/13 mg
Folic acid 3a316 1000 mg/20 mg
Trace elements:
Di copper chloride trihydroxide 3b609 5,58 g
Copper 3000 mg/60 mg
Di manganese chloride trihydroxide 3b507 18 g
Manganese 9000 mg/180 mg
Sodium selenite E8 98,5 mg
Selenium 45 mg/900 mcg
Cobalt carbonate monohydrate 3b304 30 mg
Cobolt 15 mg
Zinc chloride hydroxide monohydrat 3b609 16 g
Zinc 9000 mg/180 mg
Calcium Iodine 3b202 116 mg
Iodine 100 mg/2 mg.
Usage instructions:
Feeding recommendation: 5-10 g per 100 kg bodyweight per day or after calculated feed ration. Do not overdose – contains selenium.


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